Let’s scale your software development resources with our dedicated teams. Guided by a local team-lead, you decrease time-to-market and eliminate need in talents recruitment.

Start product development in under a week.

Dedicated Development Teams

We help medium-sized growing and scaling businesses.

Our development teams are ideal for those who want to get experienced web developers without hiring one, have backup developers for ongoing projects, and the urgent need for development resources.

A Local Team-Lead

The management role of the team is always behind the local guys. We ensure the communication, project management, and development quality is always on top. Besides people, our teams come with a ready framework and agile methodology to handle all operational and development processes.

Instant development teams for your needs

You will get highly skilled and talented developers even in under a week. From a Team lead, front-end and back-end developer, to test engineers and other roles on-demand, you can start your full-stack development ultra fast. No need to search and bring developers to Finland, which can take up to 6 months of visa and legal processing.

Pay only for the resources you need

You can keep a dynamic load of the development with a flexible hourly rate payment. We bring transparency for the processes and you always know what tasks are solved and can communicate around the team easily. Define your product requirements and get results every week.